Around the Apartment: Pinterest Projects Come to Life

This month, I moved into a new apartment and I’ve been super excited to get settled into the new space. Thanks to my unhealthy addiction to Pinterest, I have an incredibly long to-do list of decorating projects. Here are a few of my first completed projects, plus a couple shots of the living room thus far. If you can’t tell, I’m currently obsessed with three things: jars, white flowers, and paint.

Project #1: Dining Room Table Center Piece
I reused the paint cans from other apartment projects by spraying them with a copper colored metallic paint from Hobby Lobby. I did two coats of paint, and then let the cans dry for 2 hours. My mom found the the white silk Hydrangea and wild flowers at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Lucky for me, they were 60% off because the store was trying to clear out their spring flower stock.

Ruffled, ivory pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond. Blue pillow cases from West Elm.

Project #2:
Below, I have a white painted bottle with excess tall grass from another set of silk flowers. I decided to try to salvage the grass. Still thinking about this one a little bit.

Project #3: More jars, more paint.
The mason jars were painted with acrylic paint on the inside only. The bottle is used with the same acrylic paint, but painted on the outside for a contrasting texture.

Globe from Praha, an antique store in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago.

Project #4
This is where the jar painting idea all began. The apartment features french doors with 3 windows above. I thought this would be a great place to showcase my love for jars.:PThe flowers, jars, and acrylic paint are all from Hobby Lobby.